“And the living is easy

We have been in Melaque for two weeks now and are getting settled in nicely.  There has been so much to do, buying staples, unpacking, lounging by the pool, visiting friends and discovering new places.  More on that in another post.

Today I bought 1 L of milk
1 loaf bread
6 frozen potato patties
1 lb cheddar cheese
6 slices of ham – large
1 dozen eggs
8 bananas
2 lbs. sugar
TOTAL:  $12.16 Cdn
Food is very inexpensive here.

We have calculated that we save over 400.00 per month being here.  We suspend our cable, most of the internet fees except for email,  car insurance except for storage, don’t buy gas (150.00 per month), lower the heat, and of course do not use the hot water nor as much electricity.

Our rent here is 530.00 Canadian for a 1 bedroom apartment with pool.  We figure we save the rest of the rent with buying groceries here.

One of our favourite places to shop for vegetables.  Notice that there is not a cash register in sight.


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