Black Coffee Band


We arrived at the restaurant Taverna Venexia (see previous post) to discover that we were too early. The restaurant was not due to open for another hour and a half. We decided to go across the street to a “happy hour” bar for some wine to pass the time. It must have been serendipity for we happened to have chosen the one night that Black Coffee were playing.
Black Coffee is a 2-piece band consisting of Fischer, guitar and Giorgio |Marinaro, bass who are talented artists in their own right. The singer, Samantha Giordano is phenomenal. This young woman has great control of her voice. Her range and tone are superb.


I am not a music critic but anyone would have to be deaf not to recognize this enormous talent. Samantha not only sings blues and jazz but can also rock with the best of them. Why someone has not discovered her is a mystery.
Here are a few of her songs. Hope you enjoy them. Click on “follow” to get all the songs she has recorded
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