Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico

The State of Michoacán is renowned in Mexico for the hammered copper of Santa Clara del Cobre, a town founded in 1530 after the construction of an enormous smelter for the nuns of the Order of Santa Clara.  Around the end of the 17th century, a huge foundry fire burned down most of the town and the convent.
Reconstruction began in the early years of the 19th century, continuing the copper industry and establishing other businesses. Santa Clara reclaimed its stature as the quality producer of hammered copper tubs, trays, sinks and all forms of containers.  Today, vases, ladles, skillets, pots and jewellery are fashioned with rustic tools, mallet, two-headed hammers, anvils and chisels.
There is an amazing array of copper products to choose from – it is almost overwhelming but we managed quite nicely.
We also saw a demonstration of how the copper is formed into various shapes. Just about 100% of the copper products are now made with recycled copper.
Darn, won’t fit in my suitcase


very hot near that fire


hammering the copper was hard, something a ‘queen’ shouldn’t have to do


my brave knight


Anna’s brave knight


life as befitting a queen but wow the copper was hot


my husband bought a lot of things at this store




even the army knows a good thing when they see it
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