In Greek mythology, Mykonos was the location of the battle between Zeus and the Titans and the island was named in honor of Mykonos, grandson of Apollo.
Due to the ferry schedule, we had to overnight in Mykonos, of Shirley Valentine fame. It is a charming island with windmills and loads of character. Mykonos is also known for its nightlife.


We had booked a two-room place through a travel agent. When we arrived and found our place thru the narrow streets, our first thoughts were, ‘how quaint’. It was so close to the shops across the street that you could almost touch them from our doorway. ‘Quaint’ faded a bit when we opened the door to discover that we did not have two rooms but one. In that one room – did I mention that it was small – were three single beds all in a row with perhaps a foot, if that, between them. Goldilocks and the three bears came to mind. Quaint went out the door with the discovery of cockroaches. We made sure our luggage was zipped properly as we did not want any uninvited guests. We left for dinner and to try to figure out what to do next. We certainly did not want to stay there.


The door to the “quaint” room


We went to a local restaurant and had a very good meal. We met a great couple from New Zealand and spent a pleasant couple of hours in their company. We have been invited to visit them in New Zealand. I hope that one day we can do that.
As far as our accommodations, we agreed that we could not stay there. The landlady offered another place to us but it too was not suitable.
We headed out to look for another accommodation and someone suggested what we thought was said, “Georges” which was actually Zorzis. After wandering a bit, we found it and thankfully it had a buzzer outside as it was around 12:30 a.m. A young woman came to the door and we explained our situation to her. She called her boss, Johnathan, who very kindly gave us two rooms for a reasonable rate. The rooms were clean, nice and very comfortable.





The next day, we met Johnathan, who not only arranged transportation to the ferry but also called the travel agency to ream them out for sending us to the other place.
If you are ever in Mykonos, I would highly recommend Zorzis. You will not be disappointed.
Our transportation was so typical. The picture is not of the one we took, as ours did not have a cab, it was totally open and the back resembled a wagon with wood slates. My friend rode in the back with the luggage while I was in front. Tearing through the narrow winding streets and managing not to hit anyone, our driver then headed out the highway to the ferry. An exciting end to our stay on Mykonos.


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