On the road again

We drove from Prince Rupert to Prince George today.  The weather was warm and sunny. The views of course were spectacular, snow-capped mountains, and waterfalls created by the melting snow. I don’t think there is anything to compare with this section of highway, the scenery seems different each time – it all depends on the weather. We didn’t see any wildlife on this portion of our trip.

There were several stops due to road construction but the longest we had to stop was approximately ten minutes. Watching the pilot car drive back and forth leading the waiting vehicles, I thought that this must be the most boring job in the world, second only to the flag person. At least they are working.

I noticed that more people were driving the speed limit – that is one good result of high gas prices.

We stayed at the Bon Voyage Inn, a pleasant inexpensive motel.  Rooms are not fancy but are clean and comfortable with fridge, stove and microwave.

Next door is the Bon Voyage Restaurant.  Also a good deal.  The service was good,  the food was excellent with large portions and very reasonable prices.  I would recommend this place.

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