Agua Azul & Miso-Ha Falls

We booked a trip to the Aqua Azul cascades and Miso-Ha Falls. Good decision as it was 33º. Our first stop was to Aqua Azul, which in Spanish means blue-water falls. The blue-green water cascades down 500 series of falls and rapids. The waters are on Zapatista land and a fee must be paid to drive the road to the falls and then enter the site.



The Maya believe that the colours green and blue are the same. The colour green is the color of life. Wandering along the cascades, one can ‘feel’ the life force from the water. There are many places to stop and meditate or relax along the mesmerizing hike to the top.

trying to get some sun


There were many vendors along the route selling local food and crafts so if you forgot to bring food or water there are plenty of choices. Do not forget your bathing suit!

Our next stop was to Miso-Ha Falls, (meaning “Streaming Water”). Misol-Ha is one of the state’s most wonderful natural sights as the river glides off the edge of a cliff and some 35 meters (120 feet) down into a deep pool of water surrounded by lush vegetation. Swimming is allowed in the pool. We ventured along a small trail that took us behind the waterfall. You can explore a small grotto in return for a small fee. The caves eventually lead to a subterranean pool.





large overhang




waiting outside the grotto


heading back out of the grotto




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