Patzcuaro Misc.

While wandering around Patzcuaro one evening, we decided to go into the courtyard of a hotel that our friend had stayed in several years ago.  The courtyards of the hotels in Patzcuaro are spectacular.  Once we were inside, we heard music and decided to see what it was happening
We discovered 11 men playing guitars and singing in harmony with several taking turns at solos.  The only way to describe how fortunate we were is to give you a link to their music.  We listened for over two hours.  They took one ten minute break.  We did not have to pay, just order some beer, which we did gladly.  Please enjoy.  At the 3:56 mark, they sing an ‘English’ song.
Press ctrl and click on the link.
The following link is some wonderful pictures of the people in and around Patzcuaro
Press ctrl and click on the link.
Another night of wandering around Patzcuaro – please enjoy the pictures.

Mask in a restaurant


Mask in a restaurant


Painting for sale – beautiful face


double-decker bus


trolley bus





beautiful bride



parade for a celebration taken from our hotel room


such a pretty little girl


Patzcuaro at night



just a ‘few’ buses


saying goodbye to friends
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