Travelling around Europe is easy and relatively inexpensive. For short hauls, the train system is the best, fast and plenty of connections. Airplane travel is also reasonable. I was surprised at the size of the planes for short jaunts. I was expecting little “puddle jumpers.” The ferry systems between the Greek islands, especially the fast ferries, are also an inexpensive, efficient way to travel.
We took the overnight ferry from Patros, Greece to Bari, Italy. The ship was very nice with escalators up to the main deck, a couple of restaurants, small casino, and helpful staff. One staff member took a liking to me and offered to bring us food and wine later. He thought I was 10 years younger than I am. Very flattering but……. We met some interesting people and enjoyed a pleasant evening their company.
When we landed in Bari the next day, we got the train to Rome, which took about 4 hours. We arrived at our lovely accommodations and met our landlady, Marie. She helped us with anything we needed.






The next day we explored the Roman forum, Coliseum, and the Palatine. I will not go into details but one thing I would recommend; pay for a guide which you can find outside the coliseum. I didn’t and was sorry that I did not take that opportunity. Unless you have done a lot of research, a guide can help you understand what you are viewing. Still, it was a fascinating day. You have to be there to appreciate the scope and beauty of it all fully – pictures do not do it justice but I will try!

Just imagine, as you view these pictures, Rome in all its glory approximately 2,000 years ago. All the action; lions, gladiators, Christians and all the drama with the politicians. Even the reality shows today can’t beat that. Well, maybe with the exception of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

area where they kept the lions and gladiators or any other form of entertainment


entrance to coliseum

drawing depicting how it might have looked with the spectators
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