Trip to Melaque, Mexico

Sometimes we are so anxious to get to our vacation destinations that we fail to appreciate the trip itself. This year I was determined to enjoy whatever came my way.

Our trip south to Melaque, Mexico, started with visits with some of our family. Thanks to Ron, Heather, Kelly, and Lyn for the warm love and hospitality that they always give.

Our flight to Melaque via L.A. was, for the most part, uneventful. There was a moment enroute to L.A. when the plane shuddered, for lack of a better word. It felt strange. We had never felt turbulence like that before. We found out later that there was another plane ahead of us that caused the turbulence. Our pilot radioed the L.A. tower, asked what the size of the plane ahead of us was, and was told it was a 777. We were on a 737-700. Our pilot responded back to the tower that it would have been good to know that information! He then made the adjustments to avoid the big guy’s backwash.

It was hot and muggy when we arrived in Melaque but we did not care – we were here. Going thru customs in Mexico is funny. You have to push a button and if it turns green, you go straight thru but if it is red then they pull you over and inspect your luggage. I was hesitant to push the button because I seemed to get many red buttons. The customs man assured me that it would be green – he said that again so, I pressed it, and voila, it was green. I was beginning to think that customs controlled the outcome but one theory has it that it is every 5th person or so that gets the red light. I guess I am luckier than most!

Once at our bungalow, the landlords warmly greeted us as usual. We were finally in our winter home.

Our Mexican adventure has begun!

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