Today we went to see the Acropolis. To say that it was impressive would be an understatement. Although we have all seen the pictures, seeing the immense columns in person was awe-inspiring. Words cannot describe the dramatic beauty of the place.  Therefore, in that vein, this blog will be mostly pictures.



steps up to the main area


Notice the pillars on the left how they are out of place but still standing


entrance way to the Acropolis





When I saw the repair work being done, I couldn’t help but how they managed to do everything with only crude tools and their hands and now we need all this machinery












view of Athens from the Acropolis

After a long day at the Acropolis and touring around the city, we headed for the travel agency for our ferry tickets to the islands that we would be going to and the hotel accommodations.  The agent was busy so another agent brought out a table and chairs, made us the most delicious greek coffee and entertained us with amusing stories. Apparently he is a travel agent and a part time Greek dancer.  Nice way to end our stay in Athens.


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