We started our tour of the sun-kissed Greek islands with Milos. Milos is a volcanic island, known as the island of colors, mainly due to its spectacular, colorful rock formations. Also known as “The Island of Lovers” because of the discovery of the statue Venus de Milo, the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty.

We stayed at the Hotel Portiani in the port town of Adamas. We had a very nice two bedroom overlooking the town. Our breakfast, which was free, was a smorgasbord of typical Greek food, sweets, Greek yogurt, honey, sliced meats, fresh orange juice, bread and more. In the lobby, each day was a different liqueur and some treats for the guests after a grueling day of sightseeing!  The desk clerk that was there during the day was so delightful and her colourful outfits matched her personality.
view from our hotel
hotel entrance
Milos is famous for its more than 70 unique beaches, unlike most beaches with long white sand, these have a stark beauty all their own. The one we managed to get to was unusual with the white smooth hills surrounding it. From a distance, it appeared as though the hills were made of sand.  A good place for snorkeling, which I tried for the first time. It was so much fun.  I discovered what appeared to be catacombs but was unable to go very far into them, as I did not have a flashlight. Who knew you needed a flashlight when you go swimming?
man made tomb
road to the beach
We went into the old town of Plaka. It is a very unque place, full of character. The streets are very narrow and filled with shops and restaurants of every description. I bought a beautiful silver ring there. Our dinner was also excellent.
I developed a bit of a cold so I went to the local pharmacy for something. The pharmacist asked if I wanted chemicals or natural!  Putting it that way, I opted for natural.
My friend needed some money so we went to the closest bank machine. She tried a couple of times unsuccessfully and then the machine took her card.  We were not panicked as we thought we could go into the bank the next day and get her card. The next day she was told that no, it has to go to Athens for some unknown reason and if we understood correctly, she had to pick it up there. My friend explained that she needed the card now to continue her journey. The bank clerk shows her a stack of cards that the machine took and told her that the machine was malfunctioning. After a lengthy discussion, the clerk agreed to give her the card.  So be warned, do not let the machine eat your card!
Another warning – beware of Freddo Cappuccino. They are addictive!
Our short stay on this island had us wanting more and it would definitely be on my list to visit again.
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