Afternoon in a Manzanillo taxi

Entertainment and laughter can come from the most unexpected places. We hailed a taxi from the Manzanillo bus depot to take us to our destination and return to the bus depot. Our driver, Victor, asked  if I liked Star Wars and I said “yes.” He started to do a scene from the movie. You know the scene where Luke Skywalker discovers who his real father is. Victor was so dramatic! I was in stitches. Then he asked me if I knew Dennis the Menace, again I said “yes.” He did a few lines from that show. He was so entertaining. We also briefly discussed Buddhism, age and marriage. I was sorry when our trip ended. He offered to drive us to Melaque but the cost was more than we wanted to pay. Too bad, that would have been one very interesting trip.

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  1. happy wanderer
    happy wanderer says:

    thanks Pat, I am a little or should a lot behind in my writing. Need to get down to it. Trying to do smaller posts about some things so keep tuned.

    thanks for commenting. it is nice to know someone is actually reading my blog


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