Family Christmas Eve Dinner

Our landlords were having their family Christmas Eve dinner and kindly invited us to join them.  We had goat meat and beans and of course tortillas. Lots of tequila, wine and pop. They had 4 pinatas for the kids to whack away at.
I mentioned to the family that I was missing my family in Canada.They said that they were my family in Mexico.How nice is that.  Enjoy the pictures of my Mexican family.


Alondre came to visit at our bungalow


Papa (Grandfather)


oldest daughter and husband


Rosie with her baby Leslie


that is not snow it is the filling in the pinata – the kids were having more fun  playing with that than  with anything


Mama (Grandma) with Daniella


Ramon ready to really whack the pinata



even the youngest wants to try


everyone cleans up afterwards


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