Birthday Party

Birthdays as in other celebrations in Mexico are big affairs.  We have often seen sections of roads closed off to accommodate the chairs and tables etc.  All vehicles just drive around this celebration if they can or take a detour.  No one honks their horns or complains.  So what if you have to drive a bit on a one way street.  It is just a way of life here.
So it was a pleasure to be invited to our landlord’s granddaughter’s 3rd. birthday party.  She was dressed up as Cinderella and as you can see, she was not camera shy.  Perhaps practicing for her Quinceanera? 
The tables had lovely floral arrangements; there were balloons everywhere and of course the piñata.  It does seem strange to have boys whacking away at the piñata which was a Cinderella.  Obviously they do not look at it the way we gringos do.  Next there was a square “box” filled with big balls.  Everyone got a chance to swing at that until it broke and they all scrambled for the balls. 





We watched with delight a very young boy around 6 years of age, stack chairs until he could reach the rope that held the square box up.  He would stack a couple of chairs and then climb up, discover he couldn’t reach it so put a couple more chairs on until he finally reached the rope.  One of the guests finally helped him undo the knot. He would pull it back which raised it and then he would drop it and then run and pull it back and drop it again.  He enjoyed playing with that for quite a while. It was fortunate that there weren’t any kids underneath the box when it dropped.
Everyone at the bungalows was invited along with their family and friends.  It was quite a gathering and the food was wonderful.  I really enjoyed the rice water.  They rented a juke box and played music the whole evening.
The cake was brought out and I am not sure of the significance but they shoved her face into the cake!!  She thought that was fun.  We all hoped that we did not get that particular piece.  

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