Tonala, Mexico

This is the shopping day! First we went to Tonala which is a mecca for shoppers.  On Thursdays and Sundays it is even busier because there is a market which apparently is blocks and blocks long.  We were there on a Friday and even without the market, did not have time to see all the shops.  The prices are a lot lower than anywhere in Mexico and the beach vendors buy all their stuff on the Thursday or Sunday market.  We will definitely have to come here again when we have more time.

I don’t know why I couldn’t bring this home!!!

The next stop was Tlaquepaque which is a more upscale version of Tonala.  We did not have directions to the shopping area so missed all the good stuff.  We did have a lovely walk around the square and decided to have a bite to eat on there and people watch, my favourite pastime.



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