San Luis Potosi Part 3

“A photograph is the pause button of life.” Anonymous

One thing, among many others, that we love about Mexico is the enthusiasm that the people show for life.

Our landlord gave us tickets for a soccer game. My husband and I are not sports fans, but we thought watching a game in person might be more interesting. On the night of the game, we headed to the stadium. There were a lot of military and police present, and the military took part in the opening ceremony.

I must apologize for the poor videos. I was so excited that I did not take the care necessary.

Unfurling of the flange by the army.

Watch the guy in the white hat.


We enjoyed it immensely, which I think partly was due to the spectators’ enthusiasm. I loved watching the “fake falls” from some of the players. It was very entertaining. One player fell, and when no one came to help, he jumped up and started playing again. Too funny. In the first hour, the weather was perfect, but in the second hour, the temperature dropped, and the wind picked up.

Would we go again? Absolutely, but in warmer weather.

Our next experience with the enthusiasm of the people was at a Beatles Tribute concert. I haven’t had that much fun in ages. The audience, mainly Mexican and many of whom I am sure did not speak English, sang all the songs in English. I think they knew more lyrics than I did.

I went with a few friends on my birthday to one of our favourite restaurants. There was some military ceremony happening at the square outside of the restaurant. I preferred to think that it was happening because of my birthday!!

The other video is at our Spanish English group. I was sung Happy Birthday in Spanish. He has a beautiful voice.