Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.” Author unknown
In my hometown, there is an eclectic excellent coffee shop called Cowpuccino. So when some friends in Mexico asked if we had heard of Cowpuccino, I, of course, answered yes, it is in my hometown. They laughed and said no, the one here in Melaque. There is little that I like as much as a good cup of coffee. I was intrigued. We made arrangements to meet there the next morning.
Around 8 a.m.  the next day, my husband and I walked the several blocks to the location. We wondered if it was the right place. In one field, there were cows and calves. In the other field was a covered area with wood planks for seating and a table with various containers and cups. Our friends who have been there before showed us the procedure. First, you get a cup, preferably a large one. Then, you tell the woman who is serving what you want in your coffee. She didn’t give me a chance to choose and put a teaspoon of chocolate and sugar; a teaspoon of chocolate and a teaspoon of instant coffee into my cup. She handed me a bottle of everclear (grain alcohol), and I could put as much or as little in it as I wanted. Trust me, at this time of day; it was a small amount.


I was directed to a cow that was tethered. I put my cup under her teats so the farmer could squirt milk directly into my cup. The coffee was warm, foamy and surprisingly good. All this for 10 pesos, approximately .80 cents.




While we sipped our coffee, I watched the locals arrive by car, motorbike and horse to get their daily cup of coffee. A truly memorable Mexican experience.
An older brother looking after his baby brother and a proud grandfather


View from the road
Waiting for the next customer
No, this is not my mother!


Rider coming for her morning coffee
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