There is a new hotel on the beach in Melaque, Casa Leon Hotel. Some people like it, others don’t. Some don’t want the town to change from its small fishing/tourist town; others welcome the change. Whatever your opinion, progress is inevitable. There is progress happening all over Melaque. Hotels are renovating and adding additions, and stores are upgrading their facades.

One of the perks of this new hotel is the restaurant on the roof. Moon Restaurant. The views from this restaurant are breathtaking. The restaurant is on the 6th floor, and there is an elevator. The only one in Melaque.

The restaurant is operated by Gilberto Rodriquez, owner of El Patio Restaurant in downtown Melaque. He has many years of experience running a very successful restaurant.

The décor is tasteful, and much thought went into the staging. The ambiance is wonderful with the décor and, of course, the view.

painting of owner

 Chef Aldo Vazquez comes from Mexico City, and his resume is impressive. At the age of 14, he worked at the Cow & The Chicken Grill, where he started as a helper in the kitchen and worked his way up to being in charge. He also worked as the cook and bartender at Burrito’s Company Bar. For another two years, he oversaw an Italian pizza traditional. Before taking the Moon Restaurant position, he was a restaurant advisor. He would go to new restaurants, help with recipes, portions, food to order and how to set things up for a better chance of being successful. Besides all this, he went to Centro Universitario Mexico for four years. His thesis was on the salt of Colima. He stated that the salt from Colima is lower in sodium.  He is only 22 years old. I am sure he will be an excellent addition not only to this restaurant but also to Melaque. Oh, and I was told that he was single.

Chef Aldo second from right
Beautiful open kitchen


There is a conference room which seats 50 and has a kitchen. It is also on the top floor.

Also, on the top floor, there is a full-service spa.

The opening night was New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, we had other plans and could not go, but we heard it was very successful. I did have a chance to have lunch there, and the food was excellent. The fish and chips were so good. We also had ribs, and they, too, were good. There was a minor glitch with our order, and we got mashed potatoes instead of wedges. After tasting the mashed potatoes, I was pleased with that, but they insisted that we have the wedges. The wedges were also delicious. As they have just opened, you can expect minor glitches. Overall, it was excellent.

This is the place for anyone wanting a fine dining experience with the best views in town.

The hours are 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

After lunch, we had the opportunity to meet with the owner of the hotel, Jose Leon. He graciously showed us a room which was nicely done. There was a kitchen there with everything you would need to cook if you didn’t want to eat out.

He also showed us one of the condos that are for sale. Floors 4 and 5 are private floors with a private entrance. You are also given a special card to use in the elevator to get to those floors. The condos have two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a large balcony overlooking the ocean. If you want more information about the condos, please get in touch with Jose Leon at 33 2254 7601


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  1. Anna
    Anna says:

    It looks lovely and has great views. Thanks for all the information Suzanne, it sounds like they will do well with such talented employees working there.

  2. Margo Belair
    Margo Belair says:

    My first time in Melaque. I rent for 4 month at the Casa Leon. I’m used to go at Fort Lauderale Florida. Huge différent…lol but I appreciate the staff and food of the resto Moon and the staff of the Hôtel are so nice.

    • Suzanne Buller
      Suzanne Buller says:

      Yes I believe it would be different from Florida but this is a wonderful community and most people get hooked and come back year after year. Please enjoy your time here.

  3. TinCowichan
    TinCowichan says:

    If the restaurant is open until 10pm, why is the entire neighborhood having to put up with a full band blaring for more than 90 minutes (that started after 10pm when everything else in the neighborhood has shut down and gone to bed)!?? It’s almost midnight and even with closed windows it’s louder than central Melaque or Villa Obragón – it’s Wednesday night, what’s up with that?!!

    • Suzanne Buller
      Suzanne Buller says:

      Sorry that this is happening to you. This happens all over Mexico. Some areas are noisier than others. I live a few blocks away and have not heard anything. I wrote this article to showcase the restaurant and, in part the hotel. I have no affiliation with either. I do hope that you can enjoy the food and the view though.

  4. Penny
    Penny says:

    We had a delicious and wonderful dinner at Moon. Ricardo was our waiter and he was delightful. This is definitely a place we’ll come back to!

  5. Laura Hoyo
    Laura Hoyo says:

    Recomendadísimo, el hotel muy agradable, es nuevo, buen servicio, el restaurant está en el sexto piso, tiene una vista increíble y la comida es deliciosa. pasamos buenos momentos.

  6. Miriam Garcia
    Miriam Garcia says:

    Mi experiencia en ese hotel fue muy bonita. Todo el personal muy atento y amable. Las habitaciones son cómodas y limpias. La comida del Restaurant riquísima y la vista que tiene es impresionante. Definitivamente vamos a regresar!!
    100% recomendado


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