Music is everywhere in Mexico

Music is everywhere in Mexico, from singing to playing musical instruments to music blaring from trucks. The trucks have their own unique song in order for you to know what they are selling. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising to learn that our doctor plays guitar in a band and our dentist sings at a restaurant. (According to our dentist tongue in check, he needs the money). Our dentist has a cd, which we were fortunate to get free. Although that might have had something to do with the money we have spent in his office!

The music in Mexico seems to inspire the “gringos.” Every Saturday afternoon at La Sirenita Restaurant any and all musicians, gather to perform at the open mike. There are many very talented people and some that are okay but at least they singing or playing.

Our North American society has lost its voice. We are so afraid we will be judged and we ARE judged that over time we have learned to hide our desire to sing.

Therefore, my challenge to you in 2013 is to sing. Sing while you do the dishes, sing while you are cleaning the house or the yard. Pretend you are that child or teenager with a hairbrush for a microphone belting out your favourite song with abandon.

Just start singing.

Please enjoy the videos below. Copy and paste the links
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