Recipes from the Tuscany Cooking Class

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After I had published the post on the Florence Cooking  Classes, I received an email from Chef Urbano Brini. He kindly gave me 30 recipes from which to choose a couple from. I hope you enjoy my choices.

(Pasta alla crema parmigiana)
A very easy, fast and delicious pasta sauce. The Italian version of the Alfredo sauce.
8 fl oz of double cream
Parmigiano Cheese (As much as you like)
1 pinch of black pepper
Fine salt
STOVE: medium heat
Put all the ingredients in a large pan and let them cook on the stove ‘till the cheese is melted with the
cream. The mix has to be smooth.
Take it out from the stove but keep it in the pan.
Cook the pasta in a pan with a large amount of boiling salted water for 8 to 10 minutes.
When the pasta is ready to be taken out of the water, sauté on the stove with the sauce on high heat for a
minute, till it is mixed thoroughly with the pasta.

The dessert!
When we make Tiramisu’ at home one of the main issues is about serving size per person and how much is the right amount of ingredients. To make things easier we decided to write down the amount of ingredients per person. So that you just have to multiply for the guests you have!
We always recommend to make Tiramisu’ for 6 at least each time, to get the best result.
Ingredients for one person.

1 fresh egg
1 tablespoon of caster sugar
3,7 oz Mascarpone cheese
Biscuits (dry and crunchy, no ladyfingers)
Plain dark Coffee (unsweet)
Cocoa powder (bitter one, 30% of cocoa)

It is better to work with all the ingredients at room temperature.
Whisk the mascarpone to make it a little bit creamier and less solid.
Separate the yolks from the egg whites.
Mount the yolks among the sugar until you get a smooth cream. Then incorporate the mascarpone. Not all at once, but in three different times. In this way mixing the ingredients is going to be better and easier.

Whip the white of the eggs until they’re stiff. Incorporate the mounted whites to the mascarpone cheese and the yolks mixture in three times by folding with a rubber spatula both composes. Better to make this step manually, or you will crash the air parts inside the eggs.

Now is time to start making our layers.

Start with the cocoa powder.
Sift a little of cocoa powder on the bottom of a tray (or the container you’re using for the Tiramisù).
Then spread some custard until you cover all the cocoa powder
Sink the biscuits for a second into the plain coffee and place them on the custard that you have to cover completely.
The first layer is complete; now repeat the steps as many times as you need to fill up the container.
Once ready, keep it in the fridge for 2 hours before to serve.

Chef’s tip:
Don’t make the layers too thick, it is better to make more than one for every ingredient.




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