Tuscany – Part 2


Montepulciano is a walled hill town, built on a sloping and narrow limestone ridge. It is the largest hill town in Tuscany and is known for its impressive Central Square, beautiful renaissance buildings, churches, and fantastic views. Nobility used Montepulciano as a summer residence and each family tried to outdo the others with their homes.

There are many wine shops (local name enoteca or cantina) where you can sample the local wine “ Nobile di Montepulciano” along with samples of local products such as pecorino cheese, salami, or crostini.
Some pictures taken around Montepulciano



I bought a lot of leather at that store




The streets are narrow and steep. There is a bus you can take from outside the walls to the highest point in Montepulciano. It certainly saves on the legs. You need at least two days to explore all that this town has to offer.

I love these sculptures done by an unknown artist.










I couldn’t help myself!
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