Market Day

Every Wednesday in Villa Obregon (Melaque) between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m., you can hear the sounds of pegs being hammered into the ground and the clanking of aluminum poles being put together to hold the tarps. These tarps will provide shade as the day wears on. It is market day.
The market stretches for several blocks. Plastic wares, parts for blenders, clothing, and vendors selling the usual tourist trinkets, anything you can imagine are sold here.


Of course there are the many silver vendors and knowing who is honest is paramount


There are nuts that are roasted in a special sugar base, yummy. The vendor assures you, with a smile, that there are no calories in these treats!
 Then there is the padded bra section. I do not know why, but it is very difficult to find a bra that is not padded, no matter what size you are.

Last, but not least, the market would not be complete without a pregnant Barbie



The market is the place to meet up with friends and acquaintances. Our routine is to go to Ava’s for a drink after (according to hubby) a long and gruelling hour or two of shopping. Another Wednesday has ended with treasures bought, friends met and wonderful memories for all.
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