Unusual things in Mexico

Having thought more about the title of this article, I realized that you never know what to expect in Mexico.  As you will see with some of the pictures, the people are quite inventive.   Please enjoy the pictures, we had fun taking them


Notice the picture of Jesus behind the driver. All buses have a  picture or some religious symbol on every bus. Do they know something we don’t?


Just a typical friendly Mexican


Believe it or not, that is a camel


The man in the middle is my doctor in Mexico and one of the other men is a dentist.  They belong to a band called Banda Loco


This man is climbing up to the top of the coconut tree without any safety rope.  The rope at the left is for sending down the coconuts and leaves.  He is trimming the tree of dead leaves and coconuts so they don’t fall on someone.


Gecko on our wall – yes it is alive


Do they really want to sell tobacco products??


Note the buses on the right, approximately 6.  This is just a small amount that come into Melaque on major holidays such as Christmas, Easter etc. Some of the kids sleep in the luggage compartment below.


This is a swing made from a tire.


Pelicans plus one other bird which we think is called a blue footed bubi


Blue footed bubi


Yes, they are live chicks.  The kids were fascinated with them


Why pay for expensive light fixtures when a painted pop bottle will do just fine.


This was a wedding in the middle of the street.  they just closed down one section and had one heck of a party.


The goat is standing on a hippo – no kidding


These pelicans were doing a role reversal.  They were watching the diver while drying their wings.


Note the wooden child’s “seat” on the front of the bike


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